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Drought Update: The Mid-Atlantic Deluge
UPDATED October 1, 2015
UPDATED By WeatherBug's Doug Kahn
A deluge of rain will eliminate much of the drought in the East while the southern Plains and West Coast remain parched.
Over the past week, the Carolinas have continued to improve its drought situation and the region could find itself rid of drought conditions after this weekend. As a cold front stalls along the East Coast, heavy rainfall will move inland, dumping anywhere from 3-5 inches from Maryland to South Carolina, potentially causing major flooding concerns in locations.
The Northeast remained in moderate drought over the past week, but with the anticipated weekend rain, drought levels should decrease across the region as well.
With the recent rain in southern Florida, drought levels there have decreased to where most of the region is just considered abnormally dry. A few weeks ago, the same region was in a severe-to-extreme drought
Meanwhile, the drought coverage in Texas and northern Louisiana continues to increase as a lack of rain has led to an extreme drought. Over the next week, no rain is expected in these regions, exacerbating the drought.
Throughout the Ohio Valley and Midwest, drought conditions remained relatively unchanged with the exception of small increases in drought coverage across southeastern North Dakota, northern Missouri, and central Wyoming.
In the Pacific Northwest, rain chances remain far and few between as spotty rain showers just aren't doing enough to make any headway towards reducing the drought.
Areas west of the Rockies are still experiencing the brunt of the drought, as much of California and western Nevada remain under exception drought conditions, the most intense drought category. These places have still yet to see any considerable rainfall to make a dent in the drought. Looking ahead to next week, there are a few chances for spotty rainfall over Nevada and California, but for places that need rain the most, rainfall will be generally nonexistent.
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Source: U.S. Drought Monitor

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