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Thursday's Weather Outlook
3:00 P.M. EDT, October 22, 2014
By WeatherBug's Tim Barnes
The Coasts should get prepared to get soaked this Thursday, while cloudy to clear skies give the Central U.S. another quiet break from the weather.

Heavy rainfall has plagued the Northeast over the early part of the week and does not appear to be slowing down this Thursday. The heaviest rain will be contained in New England, with lighter showers spreading over the Upper Mid-Atlantic and the Lower Great Lakes. Cloudy, showery weather will keep cool 50s and 60s around in the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast. Cooler 40s and even a few chilly 30s are possible in parts of the Central Appalachians into Upstate New York.

The Upper Great Lakes and Ohio River Valley will see a small break from the dreary weather with clear skies in the morning with increasing clouds into the afternoon. A cloudy and rainy Thursday will keep cool 50s and 60s around for much of the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley.

A sunny day is in the picture for much of the South, Southeast, Carolinas and the Tennessee Valley. The South should see a cloudy morning becoming clearer in the afternoon as clouds move off to the east. The Southeast, Tennessee Valley and the Carolinas can expect to remain clear for the duration of the day, while thunderstorms continue to pose a threat to southern Florida. Otherwise, sunny 70s and 80s should bring in some great outdoor weather.

The Midwest and Southern Plains are in line for a few sparse showers and thunderstorms as a weakening front passes to the east. Clear skies will prevail over the northern and central Plains, with early-morning clouds and possibly a few showers headed over much of the Mississippi Valley into Eastern Texas. Very pleasant 70s and 80s should kick in as the sun comes out into the late afternoon.

More wet weather for the Pacific Northwest will continue through Thursday. The heaviest rainfall is expected along the coastal Pacific Northwest, with snow showers confined to higher elevations of the Cascades and Northern Rockies. Chilly 30s and 40s will keep the chances for snow alive in the mountains.

Meanwhile, clouds covering much of the Pacific Northwest, Northern California, Great Basin and the Rockies should keep cool 50s and 60s around with some 70s popping up in the Mountain Valleys. Clear skies and plenty of sunshine for much of Southern California and the Southwest will keep the 80s and 90s around, along with another shot at a couple of 100s across the Southwest Desert Valley.

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